The planner embrace the Qatari/Gulf identity between it pages, it shows the Qataris women style and lifestyle development. Also, it supports the local businesses and bloggers by adding a tag in their own personal pages.

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It's a Qatari planner that contains special drawings of Qatar, that shows the country's identity standout. Each month represents it own vibe, for example April will have Ramadans vibe, it has drawings about Ramadan and the qataries life style in Ramadan. The planner goes on with diffrenent vibes for the rest of the months. Moreover, the planner supports local businesses and bloggers from qatar and Kuwait and giving them a page that represents them with a tag for their Instagram page. It contains calendar, travelling packing list, stickers and a folder. The planner comes in a box that has an A3 poster for your daily life.

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