Luxurious Tea - Packaged Loose Leaf Tea

Luxurious black tea - without bags 100 g - really worth trying

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Tea TWG is known for its distinct flavors, the luxury of taste ... the quality of the flavor .. and the accuracy of the mix all these features are enough to make this cup of tea different from others.
Type: black tea
It is an exclusive tea blends.
Weight: 100 grams
Package: A cardboard box containing a luxurious round
Packaged Loose Leaf Tea
Production: Singapore

How to prepare: 5 grams of tea mixed with 1/2 liter boil for
3-4 minutes.


Magic Moment Tea A magic dose unites the delicious character of black tea,
rare citrus and the nutty taste of tropical coconuts.

Grand Wedding Tea

This black tea blends with the flavor of tropical citrus fruits from pineapple, mango, flowers and sunflowers, to give a taste of distinctive tea worth trying.


Happy birthday tea

A delightful melody of flavors and colors, this black tea blends with a blend of sweet red berries and strawberries and a touch of vanilla.
It is a tea to celebrate not only Christmas but every day of the year.



A sparkling blend of black tea with bergamot, French blue cornflower and rare white Yin Chen tea leaves.
This tea embodies a refined and elegant type of classic drink that gourmet has known throughout the ages.



Mix Black & Green Tea, A wonderful elixir combined Light aromatic fruits and flavor of green tea and black tea in this luxurious blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla, rare spices of cloves, ginger, orange peel and cinnamon, this tea gives a rich flavor mixed with long-lasting sweet taste



A classy tea that reminds you of this city full of lights and never sleeps, this exceptional black tea consists of the leaves of Assam tea mixed with sweet fermented flavor, this tea can be drunk from morning to night.



Delicate theine-free red tea from South Africa blended with sweet spices and notes of rare citrus. The perfect nightcap.

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