Luxurious Iced Tea - Tea Bags

Box of 7 Deluxe Ice Tea Bags - Really Worth a Try

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TWG tea is known for its distinct flavors, exquisiteness of flavor .. quality of flavor .. and blend accuracy All these features are enough to make this cup of tea different from others. Type: exclusive iced tea blend. Package: 7. Tea bags x 7 g
Bags for iced tea.
Production: Singapore

How to prepare: For a drink rich in flavor and thick:
1. Place 1 tea bag into the teapot.
2. Add 1/2 liter of pure water and slowly boil for 5 minutes
3 Remove the tea bag and pour the tea into glass cups filled to its edge with large ice cubes.


Moroccan mint tea

This exotic green tea blends perfectly with the fresh and
delicious desert mint, to give you the taste of green
tea with the classic mint developed. .

Type: green iced tea


Red tea - iced tea

A wonderful blend of red tea mixed with a special blend of rare
and aromatic Indian spices of cloves, cardamom seeds, pepper,
vanilla and delicate rose, make you feel warm in the mouth.
Decaffeinated tea

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