Healing Oil “Treatment for Acne and Prone Skins”

Nigella Sativa (black seed) is known to contain around one hundred nutritional ingredients, including essential amino acids, omega-3, Vitamin A, essential fatty acids and many more. This herb cures skin fungus, acne and strengthen the skin immunity. Nigella seed oil is used to treat skin ailments, such as eczema and boils. The black seed oil is an excellent age spot remover, anti-aging skincare ingredient and acne remedy. It also protects tissue degeneration. The oil is used topically for skin and hair concerns, such as dry hair, psoriasis, hair growth, and dry skin. It protects the skin from wrinkles and premature aging. Rich in anti-oxidants, black seed oil is a perfect ingredient to fight off free radicals that notoriously damage skin and hair cells through oxidation. Black seed oil contains a key component, known as thymoquinone which is rich in powerful antioxidants

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Benefits of black seed oil for skin:

FIGHTS OFF AND GET RIDS OF ACNE – The anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil reduce the appearance of acne and pimples by getting rid of the redness caused by acne inflammation. Since black seed oil was used in ancient times in treatment of skin irritations, it soothes itching and irritation of acne.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make this herb an excellent folk medicine for many skin conditions. Nigella seed oil is a natural skin antibiotic.
ANTISEPTIC – The black seed oil helps your skin to repair itself and protect it from water loss of the epidermis, which leads to a dry and wrinkled skin.
VITAMIN A – The vitamin A and the flavonoids, which this herb contains also benefit your skin tone. It fights and prevents age spots and freckles.
NOURISHES – Black seed oil provides vitamins A, B, and C, along with minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, giving skin what it needs to be healthy.
REDUCES OILY SKIN AND CLOGGED PORES – This oil has a reputation as helping to help with oily skin. If you’re struggling with too much oil and clogged pores, you need to try this oil.
MOISTURIZES – Like many natural oils, black seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids that provide deep, lasting hydratation for skin. These fatty acids also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF DARK SPOTS – Regular application of this oil will help to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Vitamin A and amino acids together with fatty acids help to encourage a youthful look.
TREATS SKIN DISEASES SUCH AS RASHES AND ECZEMA – Black seed oil contains natural antihistamine properties which helps reduce the negative symptoms of allergy sufferers. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps calm rashes and inflammation.
THICKENS EYE LASHES AND EYEBROWS – Black seed oil has been hailed as a potent hair growth oil. It stimulates hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.
How to apply:

Light and non-greasy, Healing Oil is easily absorbed by the tissues, instantly giving skin a radiant glow.
Apply a small amount (1-3 doses) on damp skin. Lightly massage over the face and neck mornings and evenings to replenish lost moisture. Use on hands and nails to treat everyday dryness.

Acne/prone skin ritual:

CLEAN – Wash your face with a high quality Aleppo Soap, leave it on a few seconds before rinsing it off (allow the good laurel oil to gently clean the skin and allow the olive oil to gently moisturize it). Rinse it off and dry.
TONE – Apply a natural handmade wild lavender toner, it is a nice way to purify (antiseptic properties of lavender) moisturize the skin and close the pores. The purity of the flower smell will smoothly take you to a relax state. The toner will prepare the skin for the application of the moisturizer and will make it more effective.
NOURISH & TREAT – Apply the healing Oil on face and needed skin areas.

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