Aqua Glass Towel

The Smooth AQUAmagic Ujut Wet Cloth polishes and shines. Suitable for cleaning windows, glass, crystal, porcelain, TVs, monitors, microwave ovens, optical equipment.

The Smooth AQUAmagic Ujut Cloth polishes and brightens even the most stained glass surfaces without leaving stains or streaks.

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Eco-friendly Japanese microfiber towels that are used with water only without any chemical cleaners, including many types such as dirt towels, glass towels, dish towels, fats removal towels and other types of hair, body and skin towels supported by silver ions that prevent the formation of any bacteria on the towels. Towels life time is up to (2) years depending on following the usage instructions.

  • Using AQUAmagic products saves money and time;
  • After using AQUAmagic products, a clean surface remains;
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